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Using a broadband internet connection
Our services may be slow and have reduced performance if this is not the case.
NB. The speed at which you can find and use resources at home will vary with the speed of your home internet connection and the load from other users on the system.
Web browsers and operating systems
Our website is designed to work on the most recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows based systems.  The site may work fine on other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari, but errors in website layout, file downloads and media playback may occur.
Microsoft Internet Explorer may be downloaded here.

Signing in

To access the most up to date information, news and notices about Yardley Primary School you will need to sign in to our Learning Platform.  This is available to pupils, parents, staff, governors and PTA members.
To sign in to the Yardley Primary School Learning Platform you will need a username and password.  This will have been provided to you by Yardley Primary School.
Please note that unauthorised use of or access to these areas is prohibited.  Activities on this site may be viewed, monitored, and recorded.  If you are not an authorised user of this system or do not consent to continued monitoring, do not attempt to enter.

Pupils: To sign in, you will need your username and password that you use to log on to the computers at school.

Parents: For sign in details, please request them from the school office, your child's teacher or Mr Walmsley.

Staff: To sign in, you will need your username and password that you use to log on to the computers at school.

Governors: For sign in details, please request them from the school office.

PTA Members: For sign in details, please contact the chair of the PTA.  This can be done through the school office or by emailing

Below are some plug-ins that you may need to access some of our services.  If you are having trouble with any part of our system, try downloading the latest versions of the following plug-ins.
Flash Player - This plug-in gives you access to our video players, the KnowledgeBox Learning Environment, interactive activities, animations as well as print activities
Flash (at least version 7) available free from
RealPlayer - This plug-in gives you access to KnowledgeBox videos.
Real movie player ( to view videos) available free from
Adobe reader - This plug-in gives you access to some Print activities and Text resources.
Adobe reader available free from
Java Runtime Environment- This plug-in gives functionality to some of the resources
Java Runtime Environment ( J2RE - at least version 1.5) available from

Opening Files

Some files or activities are downloadable from the Learning Platform.  Some of these files may be in PDF format whilst others may be in Microsoft format.

To ensure that you can download PDF files, ensure that you have a PDF reader on your computer.  If not you can find one here:

Adobe reader available free from

To open Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint files you may need to have Microsoft Office on your computer.  If you do not have these programs then you can download viewers for these files from the Microsoft website:

Microsoft Word viewer:

Microsoft Powerpoint viewer:

Microsoft Excel viewer:

Playing media

Some of the resources on the Learning Platform are multimedia resources such as videos, music etc.  To open these you may need certain media players installed on your computer.  If you don't have these then they can be downloaded here:

Microsoft Media Player:

Real Player:


Pop-up blockers

Some resources or sites launch in a pop-up window, so if you have pop-up blocking software running on your computer, the resources will not open.  The reason for pop-up blockers is to prevent unwanted ads from appearing.
How do I know if I have Pop-up blocking software?
∙ Resources may not open when you click on them
∙ The mouse cursor arrow changes to a little yellow star with an exclamation mark in it ( with Google’s blocker) or a little red letter 'Y' ( with Yahoo’s blocker)
∙ You can hear a sound when a pop-up is blocked
What should I do?
∙ Hold down the control key when you try to open a resource. This ‘hot- key’ overrides the blocker and allows a resource to be launched.
∙ Some pop-up blockers include a clever facility that lets you allow pop-ups on certain sites. Insert the URL for the Learning Platform in the appropriate section.
∙ Uninstall the pop-up blocking software, but this will allow pop-ups on all web sites you access from your computer.
Please use this link, provided by Yahoo, which you can use to test whether you have a pop up blocker running. (Keep in mind that if the yahoo site is put in the "allow pop-ups" section as described above this pop-up may work, but it is a useful tool to test other pop-up blocking software)
Another site to try is
Once on this site, you can run through a number of different types of tests. The standard test is one of the tests and runs through 9 different types of pop-ups and checks whether they are being blocked by a pop-up blocker or not. If the result of the test appears as 'Test OK', this means that a pop-up blocker is running and is preventing pop-ups from being displayed. This will be the reason some of the features or resources are not running correctly.

Please note:  We make every effort to check all the links on our pages, but no responsibility can be accepted for the content of externally linked sites, nor for the availability of the sites at any given time.  We also accept no responsibilty for damage or loss of information as a result of downloading programs/files onto your computer.  All installations and downloads are done at your own risk.  We cannot guarantee that all services and aspects of the Learning Platform will be available all of the time.  There may be times when services are inaccessible due to servicing or construction.

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